Property rights

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Property rights

Rights of individuals and companies to own and use property as they see fit and to receive the stream of income that their property generates.

Property Rights

The legal protection by a government of the ability for an individual or a corporation to own real estate and personal property. Nearly every theory of economics (with the exception of some more extreme versions of socialism) state that property rights are a necessary condition for successful, economic development. However, property rights are rarely absolute. For example, a government may exercise eminent domain over real estate to build something for public use.
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Enhanced ability for women to exercise their property rights in practice; and
Therefore, any analysis, which examines the link between poverty and property rights, can become meaningless where power dynamics are not taken into account.
Some influential scholars throughout time have noted the inseparable nature of property rights and human rights.
The IPRI uses three primary areas of property rights to create a composite score: Legal and Political Environment (LP), Physical Property Rights (PPR), and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
He vigorously defended the importance of private property rights for economic growth and progress, In this article, I review his arguments and his evolution from a radical liberal to a conservative liberal (in the European sense of the word).
Intellectual property rights have been recognized as part of the infrastructure supporting investments in Research and Development (R&D) leading to innovation and subsequent economic growth.
It is only through developing formal property rights that dead capital can be put to productive uses.
Barnes supports start-up capital for each person, limiting advertising, and greatly reducing patents and intellectual property rights.
Through an unconstitutional delegation of executive authority, and motivated by illegitimate reasons, he ordered elk that escaped from my ranch to be killed, violating my private property rights.
Incredibly for someone influenced by Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, and who claims to understand and respect property rights and the free market, Judge Kozinski says that "if the city thinks there should be a private business instead of a private house, it has to make that decision," stating that he doesn't "see who else would make those decisions.
Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders, gave no specific commitments but said China would better protect intellectual property rights.

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