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Property Line

A set line denoting the extremities of a property. Property lines are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new lines within his/her old property.

property line

The boundary line between two properties.
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Geometric lines also work in concert with narrow property lines. "Usually a formal or contemporary design fits best because a more strict geometry works in tight spaces," Broussard says.
Other landscape designers take a smoke-and-mirrors approach when working with narrow property lines. "By cutting decks into diagonal squares at 45-degree angles to the house, you can create depth and width," says Kerri Derian, owner of Derian Quality Pools Inc.
Some laterals can be installed from the property line to the house in a single pull, while other installations may require three to five individual pulls.
Property lines saw prices continue to decline at a rate of 3.5%, but that's in sharp contrast to the nearly 10% decline reported in the fourth quarter of 2004.
Though the variables of homeowners and commercial policies do not change as rapidly or radically as in auto insurance, leakage is also a serious problem in property lines. Wildfires are a growing threat in several states.
For the full year 2004, Prudential Equity now expects overall pricing to be down 3%--with flat pricing in casualty lines and property lines down 9%.
For property lines, it was the second consecutive quarter with a decrease.
"Looking at the renewals coming up, the lines we think have good rate adequacy are most, if not all, of the property lines, given price increases and recent low catastrophe years.
The general pattern of low average increases in liability costs and flat increases in the property lines are repeated in the individual lines.

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