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Sometimes one mirror would be displayed in the results set, but not the main Project Gutenberg site.
Constitution online as an e-book because it was so much larger than all the previous eBooks," he ( blogs at Project Gutenberg News , "but it is still standing as one of the great early Net achievements, not only because it was larger than previous ones but also because the person who made it available was anonymous and remained so in spite of all of my efforts to locate and to send my thanks."
Project Gutenberg, 2005, McGuffey%2C%20William%20Holmes%2C%201800-1873.
Project Gutenberg provides a lot of that kind of material.
World eBook Library and Project Gutenberg are to provide free access for a month to 300,000 texts online in the first World eBook Fair.
The first widely accessible effort to place the full text or a large number of books online was Project Gutenberg (, where you can currently download, read, or search through more than 16,000 books.
Their efforts to expand the accessible content of the Web build on longstanding earlier cooperative efforts, notably Project Gutenberg. The recent announcement of a major digitization effort by national libraries in nineteen European countries is also noteworthy, particularly for the non-English speaking world (Farrell, 2005).
Project Gutenberg. was the first widely accessible effort to put the full text of a large number of books online.
Project Gutenberg (, famous for putting books in the public domain online, uses a "distributed" method of proofreading (organized at to make sure its content is accurate, with each volunteer proofreading only a few pages of each book.
* Project Gutenberg Long-running project for digitizing texts (most in English)
Every week, Project Gutenberg publishes the e-texts of approximately fifty public domain books.
For Ibsen and other classic drama, visit Project Gutenberg at, a website dedicated to free access to literature in the public domain.

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