Investment management

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Investment management

The process of managing money. Also called portfolio management and money management.

Asset Management

The act or practice of an investment advisory firm making investment decisions on behalf of a client. Asset management often opens up more potential investment vehicles up to the client. Another advantage is that, theoretically, asset managers have more knowledge and experience in making appropriate investment decisions than their clients. Asset management is usually limited to institutional investors and high net-worth individuals, as it is usually expensive.
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It seems the government had been working on the plan for a while since the K-P government recruited a professional fund manager last year on a hefty monthly pay cheque to explore investment opportunities which promise good returns.
A professional fund manager will help investors take advantage of the opportunities that volatility brings and mitigate potential risks as and when they are presented.
I mentioned earlier that nobody can time markets, but surely a professional fund manager who does this for a living on a daily basis has more of an idea than your friends at the monthly share club meeting?
This would be a substantial multi-million-pound fund run by a professional fund manager, with the Welsh Assembly Government and a private sector funder having equal stakes.
The ruling said that a prison term without suspension -- a rather harsh sentence for a defendant charged only with Securities and Exchange Law violations -- is appropriate as the crime was ''vicious'' and was committed by ''a professional fund manager.
The bill calls for the organization of a "fund of funds" and the hiring of a qualified professional fund manager to direct it.
By investing in a mutual fund instead of individual stocks, you don't have to watch the ticker tape even/day because a professional fund manager is doing it for you.
By using a collective investment you are also spreading the risk by using a professional fund manager to invest in a wide range of assets.
A professional fund manager does all the buying and selling and is the hands-on decision maker.
For most of us who lack the time or the inclination to study the stock market, there is something comforting about the notion that a professional fund manager is, in essence, making decisions on our behalf.
There is also the comfort that a professional fund manager is carefully watching the market.
He added: "The City continues to churn out noise on a daily basis that makes people believe they need to engage a professional fund manager to try to beat the market - you don't.

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