production management

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production management


operations management

The administration of the conversion process which transforms labour, materials and capital inputs into final products. Production management involves:
  1. planning the design and construction of the production system.

    System design decisions include such things as the determination of manufacturing methods – batch production, mass production (see PRODUCTION), acquisition and arrangement of plant (see FACTORY LAYOUT), and the establishment of schedules for the production of each item (see PRODUCTION SCHEDULING);

  2. controlling the operation, performance and running of the physical facilities and predetermined production plans which constitute the production system. Decisions relating to the operation of the production system involve PRODUCTION CONTROL, PURCHASING, QUALITY CONTROL, STOCK CONTROL, WORK STUDY, and MAINTENANCE of equipment. See also MATERIALS MANAGEMENT, MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS PLANNING, JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) SYSTEM, MANUFACTURING RESOURCE PLANNING, DISTRIBUTION RESOURCE PLANNING, NETWORK ANALYSIS, WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING, OPTIMIZED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY, POKE YOKE.
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In a dinner hosted by Mir Shahjahan Khetran, Managing Director PTDC, the Production Coordinator Ms.
According to court documents, Markowitz filed the suit claiming 25,000 dollars from the singer, a liability company and Dina Ciccotello and production coordinator for the video shoot for Why Don't You Love Me.
A PRODUCTION coordinator died after a massive allergic reaction to a sting.
The Astros Ballpark Entertainment team is composed of Kirby Kander, Senior Director of Creative Services, Brock Jessel, Director of Ballpark Entertainment, and Joey Graham, Production Coordinator.
Production coordinator Brynne Sanderlin needs a man.
Justin Eurton, production coordinator and food safety manager with C&M Packing, LLC, in East Wenatchee, has been selected to participate in an 18-month agriculture and forestry leadership development program.
In 1988, she turned her attention from still photography to motion pictures and spent 15 years working as a freelance production coordinator and manager on feature films such as "Black Hawk Down," "Hannibal" and "Natural Born Killers.
We are looking for 80 to 100 extras to basically play the Irish starving people coming off the boat," said David Brunelle, the local production coordinator for History Television.
Countrywide's Bellingham office also added two home loan consultants, Tom Mathewson and Tony Lalonde, and production coordinator Amy Ritz.
She also traveled with Stevens' USO world tour and to Vietnam as a production coordinator with Stevens for a documentary on nurses who served during the Vietnam War.

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