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In the context of project financing, a defined portion of the proceeds of production up to a dollar amount.
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1. The process of turning raw material into a product that is sold. For example, a company's production may involve turning silver, zinc, and mercury into a dental filling.

2. Less commonly, the revenue one derives from production.
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the act of combining FACTORS OF PRODUCTION (labour, capital, etc.) by FIRMS to produce OUTPUTS of goods and services. The relationship between inputs and outputs in physical terms is shown by the PRODUCTION FUNCTION and in cost terms by the COST FUNCTION. See BATCH PRODUCTION, MASS PRODUCTION, FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM.
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The overall increase is observed in the production of fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers and honey whereas decrease is observed in the production of plantation and aromatics & medicinal crops as compared to last year.
The total area of sorghum cultivation reached 4,180 acres and production was 49,330 tonnes while the areas planted with other forage crops reached 4,547 acres with a total production of 43,820 tonnes.
Oil production decreased by 2.9 percent, while commercial gas production increased by 40.4 percent in the mining sector
* Own managed mines PGM production increased 4% to 601,000 ounces, due to the inclusion of Mototolo as own-mine production
On monthly and yearly basis the production of the two-wheelers and three-wheelers in March was recorded at 138,050 units as compared to the production of 135,503 units and 115,805 units in February 2017 and March 2016 respectively.
Like the Consumer Price Index which was introduced in this column in the previous issue, the IIP does not cover all of the production activities of industrialized goods in Japan.
In March 2015, the Industrial Production Index, seasonally adjusted, decreased by 0.8% on the month.
Muscat, March 7 (ONA) The total production of electricity and water sector in the Sultanate recorded a significant increase at the end of 2014 compared to the production recorded in 2013.
Previously, the main production methods for L-Tyrosine invloved animal protein, such as hair or feathers.
The platinum price continues to perform well, mostly as a result of a stronger gold price, which is bolstered by the events in Lebanon and the anticipated rise in oil prices following the closure of a significant amount of Alaskan oil production. The precious metals markets also appear to be factoring in a pause in the U.S.
Earlier this year, the Air Force deployed two production Global Hawk aircraft in support of the global war on terror.

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