product proliferation

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product proliferation

production of a number of similar products by the same firm under a number of different BRAND names. Product proliferation may be used as a COMPETITIVE STRATEGY by a firm seeking to target many different market segments and as a means of creating BARRIERS TO ENTRY.


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According to the survey, the top five CX project priorities in 2019 are metrics (64%); VoC (50%); increasing speed of product and service launches (45%); product proliferation and personalization (45%); prioritization of CX investments (44%); and customer journey automation (44%).
According to the survey, the top five CX project priorities in 2019 are metrics (64 per cent); VoC (50 per cent); increasing speed of product and service launches (45 per cent); product proliferation and personalization (45 per cent); prioritization of CX investments (44 per cent); and customer journey automation (44 per cent).
The automotive industry is scale-sensitive and product proliferation divides the market into unviable lots worthy of local production as the market size is small due to low personal and national incomes.
He admitted there has been product proliferation that could be confusing.
Product proliferation -- Carrying the right product in the right store and the right location is vital.
Technical change and new product proliferation have made this industry extremely dynamic, even if market shares are highly concentrated in the hands of very few companies.
Neither will regulatory pressure, consumer demand for farm-to-fork visibility and product proliferation. Every new SKU comes with a whole new recipe, set of risk factors and supply chain considerations.
This has resulted in product proliferation, commoditisation and marketplace clutter, and has left consumers with a bewildering array of parity options.
With product differentiation comes product proliferation, Venkataraman states.
Contact center agents struggle to keep up with their company's offerings due to increased product proliferation and the broadening scope of customer queries.
At the Inside ETFs 2016 conference in Hollywood, Florida, Vanguard Chairman & CEO Bill McNabb made "a plea to competitors" to slow the pace of product proliferation.
The shape, color and appealing design of a package must communicate the attractiveness of the product in the sea of product proliferation of similar items on the store shelves."

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