mass customization

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Mass Customization

A strategy in which a company attempts to market a product to a customer's individual wants and needs while still producing the products at high level. That is, mass customization combines features of custom service, where a company makes a product upon demand from the customer, and mass production, where a company makes a large number of products exactly the same and sells them to a large number of customers. A company engaging in mass customization may offer a basic package for a product and then allow a customer to add or subtract different features at his/her discretion.

mass customization

the use of technology and sophisticated computing facilities to individualize mass produced (and therefore identical) products. For example, the manufacture of a pair of jeans specifically designed for an individual can be carried out using a mass production facility. The technique requires accurate measurements that are transmitted by Electronic Data Interchange to the manufacturing point. Cloth is cut by automatic cutting machinery, each piece is identifed by a bar code and the whole is then stitched together and forwarded to the customer. See MASS PRODUCTION.
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These problems lead towards a development of an open framework that would allow the creation and maintenance of different individual product configuration systems by the engineers themselves without high dependency on computer scientists (Abramovici at al.
Based on previous discussion, one can conclude that some of the most important research areas in the field of mass customization deal with the development of an open framework for product configuration systems, with modelling a definition of the role of customers in mass customization, as well as with the development of methods considering the information retrieval for customer profile and customers' needs definition.
The implementation of modular, standard product configuration systems is much easier and more acceptable than the existing ones.

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