Product cycle

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Product cycle

The time it takes to bring new and/or improved products to market.
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Product Cycle

The period of time from the introduction of a product to its decline and stagnation. Different analyses posit different numbers of stages in a product cycle (usually four to five), but all emphasize that a product has a beginning, with technological innovation; a period of rapid growth; maturity and consolidation; and, finally, decline and possibly death. For example, in the video cassette recording (VCR) industry, the mid-1970s were a period of decentralized technological innovation, with VHS and Betamax formats vying for dominance. Later, video cassettes very quickly became a common household item. In the maturity phase, different companies selling VCRs attempted to corner a greater market share for their own (identical) versions of the product. Finally, the industry declined and was eventually supplanted by DVD players. Factors that may prolong a product cycle include the opening of new markets for the product, finding new uses for the same product, or even attaining government subsidies. The concept of product cycles applies most readily to the sale of goods and it is difficult to gauge how it works in a service economy.
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RayJay expects revenue growth to accelerate in the fiscal year 2020 second quarter and into fiscal 2021 as enthusiasm around various new product cycles increases.
With the ever-changing environment and growing need for truly unbiased and proprietary research, ABR identifies the most important themes, whether large secular shifts, technology adoption cycles, and product cycles or regulatory changes.
BMO Capital analyst Joel Tiss raised his price target on Paccar to $70 after meeting with its CFO to discuss the product cycles of the company's "various truck markets", along with its international expansion opportunity and business growth potential.
However, if Apple can't crack that puzzle within the next couple of iPhone product cycles, that doesn't seem like it'll be a good thing for Apple's overall business -- which continues to rely ( substantially on the performance of the iPhone  -- and, ultimately, its share price.
After several product cycles to optimize operations for the new casting media, Eagle reported improved casting surface finish, with castings meeting dimensional tolerance targets.
ABB packaging application experts will be on hand at the 17th interpack to demonstrate the latest solutions to help manufacturers pick, pack and palletize with greater agility to meet increasingly diverse consumer needs and shorter product cycles. Interpack, the world's largest packaging trade fair, takes place May 4 to 10, 2017 at the Dusseldorf Messe in Germany.
The article concludes, "The internet is ramping up pricing pressures, shortening product cycles, and creating a more global labor market in which companies have to compete for scarce technical and managerial talent." - YaleGlobal
After a deceleration in 2015 resulting from product cycles and zloty depreciation, we expect the market to return to growth from 2016.
Leaner teams, tighter timelines, and shortened product cycles drive marketing, formulations and safety groups to work closely together from product concept to launch.
A combination of a higher number of OEM/facility combinations building in North America, the well-documented talent shortage and condensed product cycles will continue to significantly impact launch readiness.

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