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Mass Customization

A strategy in which a company attempts to market a product to a customer's individual wants and needs while still producing the products at high level. That is, mass customization combines features of custom service, where a company makes a product upon demand from the customer, and mass production, where a company makes a large number of products exactly the same and sells them to a large number of customers. A company engaging in mass customization may offer a basic package for a product and then allow a customer to add or subtract different features at his/her discretion.
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mass customization

the use of technology and sophisticated computing facilities to individualize mass produced (and therefore identical) products. For example, the manufacture of a pair of jeans specifically designed for an individual can be carried out using a mass production facility. The technique requires accurate measurements that are transmitted by Electronic Data Interchange to the manufacturing point. Cloth is cut by automatic cutting machinery, each piece is identifed by a bar code and the whole is then stitched together and forwarded to the customer. See MASS PRODUCTION.
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The basic idea is the development of a procedure for a product configurator build-up using the method of grouping similar parts/products (group technology).
The model is based on the PUSHPULL principle of production and assumes the use of product configurator as a tool.
These include an easy-to-use Product Configurator, 14 new Application Guides, an interactive Representative Locator, literature downloads, updates on new emissions monitoring regulations, a Product Gallery with product photos and dimensional drawings, Order Status and Service Status e-forms, Customer Satisfaction Survey and translation into 50+ languages.
'Sage ERP X3' is a powerful product configurator, and among the crucial new developments, which it will afford the client is ensuring that structured part numbers are created and that the user does not agree to sell a product that cannot physically be manufactured or sourced.
Liberty's product configurator rollout coincides with a legacy migration project, dubbed "ECLPS+" (Enhanced Commercial Lines Policy System), at the company involving the consolidation of four different platforms, including one obtained when the company acquired Safeco.
Catalog Data Solutions helps industrial suppliers and distributors grow sales and strengthen customer loyalty through interactive online catalogs, ecommerce, 3D CAD model delivery and product configurator solutions.
A multi-lingual product configurator is free with the design GX; it enables complete specification of the valve system, simplifying valve sizing and automating actuator selection.
Available in a web version with a product configurator and a stand-alone version featuring data output for bill of materials and request for quotes (RFQs), RAISE guides users through pull-down menus prompting them through the selection process.

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