Producer Price Index

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Producer Price Index (PPI)

Index measuring changes in wholesale prices, published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics every month.

Producer Price Index

An index tracking the price of goods bought and sold in bulk before they reach the retail level. The producer price index usually tracks changes in these prices on a monthly basis. A large change in producer prices can lead to a change in retail prices, which affects consumers most directly. As a result, a few countries use the producer price index as a measure of inflation, but most do not. A dramatic increase in producer prices, however, may be seen as an early indicator of inflation. It is also called the wholesale price index.

producer price index

A comprehensive index of price changes at the wholesale level. Because wholesale price changes eventually find their way into consumer prices, the producer price index is closely watched as an early indicator of future retail price changes. Formerly called wholesale price index, price index. Compare consumer price index. See also GDP deflator.
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The Labor Department said ahead of the opening bell that October's Producer Price Index (PPI) for finished goods dropped 1.
Total Producer Price Index in December 2013 decreased by 2.
According to Producer Price Index, investors of deposit interest, US Dollar, Euro and gold lost by -1.
Excluding the volatile energy and food sectors, the "core" Producer Price Index rose 0.
83 percent, and the rise in producer price index was 3.
The flat reading in the Producer Price Index, which measures prices paid to factories, farmers and other producers, came after wholesale prices fell by 0.
The Producer Price Index for intermediate materials, supplies and components fell by 0.
The Producer Price Index on Bulgaria's Domestic Market in October 2013 decreased by 0.
Roughly 56 percent of the components in the SPX marked an advance thus far in trading, thanks in part to investors receiving a bit of encouragement from this morning's release of the Producer Price Index (PPI).
PNN Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) a nnounced in a press release that the Producer Price Index for Palestine with its base year (2011=100) reached 102.