Producer Price Index

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Producer Price Index (PPI)

Index measuring changes in wholesale prices, published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics every month.

Producer Price Index

An index tracking the price of goods bought and sold in bulk before they reach the retail level. The producer price index usually tracks changes in these prices on a monthly basis. A large change in producer prices can lead to a change in retail prices, which affects consumers most directly. As a result, a few countries use the producer price index as a measure of inflation, but most do not. A dramatic increase in producer prices, however, may be seen as an early indicator of inflation. It is also called the wholesale price index.

producer price index

A comprehensive index of price changes at the wholesale level. Because wholesale price changes eventually find their way into consumer prices, the producer price index is closely watched as an early indicator of future retail price changes. Formerly called wholesale price index, price index. Compare consumer price index. See also GDP deflator.
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Crude energy: The Producer Price Index for crude energy materials moved up 0.
The average industrial producer price index for 2006, compared to 2005, increased by 5.
2) The results of this test phase were described in John Early, "The Producer Price Index Revision: overview and pilot survey results," Monthly Labor Review, December 1979, pp.
The changes of Producer Price Index for November 2017 were traced back to changes in prices of the following major activities compared to the previous month:
When the general producer price index is subdivided according to destination, a fall of 0.
Published on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 11:02 PNN The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) in Palestine increased during 2013 by 0.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 26, 2011--Sweden producer price index remains unchanged in Apr 2011(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-April 18, 2011--Finland producer price index adds 7.
13% in accordance with Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index respectively.
The value of quality changes for a sample of 2010 model year domestically produced passenger cars included in the Producer Price Index (PPI) for October averaged $249.
Figures released by Eurostat on February 2 reveal that the industrial producer price index rose by 0.