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The act of buying, especially for business purposes. This term is often used in the energy industries; for example, one may procure oil in order to refine it.


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PECOS Internet Procurement Manager also provides additional benefits such as reducing the administrative costs associated with core procurement activities like order and invoice processing costs, by automating of the traditional manual processing, inventory and related activities.
com's flagship product, PECOS Internet Procurement Manager, with VISA's commercial electronic payment and data delivery mechanism, thereby automating the traditional paper-based purchasing processes.
As we pioneer the next generation of eProcurement solutions through PECOS Internet Procurement Manager, our remotely-hosted offering, we are committed to offering the industry's leading value proposition by lowering the cost of ownership and eliminating the financial risks typical of enterprise deployments which require large investments in professional services.
com's PECOS Internet Procurement Manager is a second generation Internet-based automated procurement system designed to offer the many benefits associated with procurement automation without a large up-front financial commitment and without the IT personnel and resources burden typical of first generation eProcurement offerings.
s Chairman and CEO, added, "We are pleased to add Entergy Nuclear Generation Company to our growing list of licensed subscribers to PECOS Internet Procurement Manager using our QuickStart program.
com has integrated Seagate Software's suite of business intelligence software products to enhance its customer's ability to organize, track, and analyze eProcurement related information captured through PECOS Internet Procurement Manager, elcom.
Already two-thirds of procurement managers ask their suppliers to demonstrate cyber accreditations as a part of their procurement assessment, with this number likely to increase in the near future.
Talking to catering and procurement managers over costs and supply - FACT.
According to a recently completed survey of prominent, trend-setting OEMs, most procurement managers and staff consider most castings to be nothing more than "dumb metal.
These products will be listed on federal government purchasing schedules, making acquisition easy for procurement managers.
For example, bandwidth procurement managers for carriers, services providers and large enterprises benefit from new online tools that provide competitive access information for more than 45,000 buildings nationwide or new market information services that support network and procurement strategy and decisions.
The matchmaking events provide a special opportunity for small businesses to present product and service solutions to buyers at the national and state levels through prescheduled one-on-one appointments with procurement managers.

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