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The act of buying, especially for business purposes. This term is often used in the energy industries; for example, one may procure oil in order to refine it.


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Contract notice: Purchase of vegetables with the supply of Latvian prisons application of green public procurement criteria.
It provides key insights into current and future adoption of communication services and solutions, major challenges to adoption, business priorities, vendor choice, and procurement criteria.
Maintenance services support and integrated management system procurement criteria, procurement and logistics (Saturn)
The flexibility and cost-efficiency, together with future scalability, ensured that the FalconStor solution, implemented by TIM, a leading German solutions integrator, fully addressed Degussa's meticulous procurement criteria.
As Mayor I will introduce a 20 percent local procurement criteria for all city council tenders for digital and technology services.
Based upon previous work (#169), IPTS will develop new or revise existing Green Public Procurement criteria for a number of product groups, supporting DG ENV in preparing the draft legal proposals for interservice consultation.
Direct procurement criteria (see 27, 2) in this case is there because of the FEI Europe BV.

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