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The act of buying, especially for business purposes. This term is often used in the energy industries; for example, one may procure oil in order to refine it.


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BEDFORD, NS, June 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Whole Foods Market has recently announced they intend to focus their sales of lobster produce lines on humanely produced raw and cooked frozen lobster products and that Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership ("Clearwater") is the only supplier that meets their strict procurement criteria.
Contract notice: Purchase a supply of vegetables latvian prisons applying green procurement criteria.
NEC- Mitsubishi Electronics Display's products are in accordance with an array of compliance standards and meet government procurement criteria, including compliance for accessibility (Section 508), trade agreements, recycling and ENERGY STAR.
The survey asked a number of broad questions concerning current and future communication service and solution adoption, challenges, business priorities, vendor choice, concerns and procurement criteria.
The municipality oriented himself by the Environmental Management Council~s procurement criteria for paper products.
Clear and objective procurement criteria should be established to guide the deliberations of this independent review process.

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