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The Alberta Electric System Operator has submitted an implementation plan to the provincial government, and is planning to hold a first procurement auction before the end of 2016.
We analyze a procurement auction with n sellers bidding for a project offered by one buyer.
The government conducted a public procurement auction over several stages.
The responsibility for [crude] oil and fuel procurement auction itself has been taken over by Pertamina" under his division, which is also in charge of the ISC.
While some papers focus on the possibility of strategic and collusive behavior given the procurement auction design (see, e.g., Muller and Rammerstorfer, 2008), others either study optimal decision rules for network operators and reserve capacity suppliers (see Swider, 2006; and Swider and Weber, 2007) or analyze productive efficiencies (see Swider and Ellersdorfer, 2005).
In a first-price sealed-bid procurement auction, each supplier independently submits a single bid without seeing the bids of others.
In other words, there is a trade-off as the combinatorial procurement auction may solve the exposure problem (lowering the offered prices from global bidders), it also introduces a free riding behavior (less aggressive bids from local bidders).
Nikolov notes that the latest type of cartel which the anti-trust watchdog came across involved public procurement auction manipulations.
The GSA is conducting a lease procurement auction and expects to make an award in the near future, he said.
Additional arguments for restricting the number of bidders are found in Hallwood [1996], who discusses the advantages and disadvantages with an invited bidding procurement auction compared with an open bidding procurement auction and posted-pricing and negotiation.
In a typical state-level procurement auction held in the United States, firms submit sealed bids for a particular project that has been advertised in advance by the state's Department of Transportation.
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