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PAC (1)

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PAC Bond

A collateralized mortgage obligation that seeks to protect investors from prepayment risk. PACs do this by setting a schedule of payments; if prepayments of the underlying mortgages exceed a certain rate, the life of the PAC is shortened. If they fall below a certain rate, the life of the tranche is extended. This helps protect investors in case the holders of the underlying mortgages do not pay off their mortgages as expected.


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Supplies process controls, digital and analog displays, control software, interfaces, and power supplies:
The benefits of the system for process control include:
Obtained pattern weights may be plotted on statistical process control (SPC) charts for comparison with historical data and to determine trends or stability.
Process control in the manufacturing of synthetic textile fibres
The starting point of any process control system is an accurate and comprehensive measurement of the molten iron.
Initially, integration focused on connecting these islands of automation to provide coordinated process control and to provide needed information across the enterprise.
The main benefit of in-line splice width measurement is the ability to receive real-time process feedback for automatic process control or manual process correction.
Process Control plans to demonstrate PCCWeb at the NPE 2000 show in Chicago this June.
And that's where statistical process control comes in.
In 2005, with the market introduction of the Trajectory[TM] T3 film thickness integrated metrology module (IMM), Tevet inaugurated a new segment within the fast growing semiconductor process control and metrology sector.
GRAHAM: Some of the basic process control systems paper mills should be using include.

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