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the process of translating a product idea into a product which can be produced and marketed on a commercial basis. Though design is a creative process it has economic consequences insofar as a product's shape, configuration and performance affect its marketability and its cost of production. In order to achieve high product variety without involving an excessive variety of components, designers often use common, interchangeable parts and design products on a modular basis.

In order to remain competitive, firms need continuously to review the design of their products in the light of new developments in materials and processes. The technique of VALUE ANALYSIS is used to identify possible sources of cost savings without impairing a product's performance. See COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.

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The project has made rapid progress in last few months, by appointing all the major stakeholders: The Chinese Higer Bus Company as Technology partner, MMI Design Institute as Process Design consultant and SEMAC Oman as Local Civil design consultant.
PSE's equation-oriented platform gPROMS products include the gPROMS ProcessBuilder flowsheeting and custom modelling environment for optimizing fluid process design and operation and the gPROMS Operational Excellence Solutions (gOES) for operational monitoring, optimization and planning based on high-fidelity models.
A casual assessment of STRATMOR's own client base suggests that the industry has a new appetite for developing capabilities around process design. As the complexities of regulatory requirements impact operational decisions, as the cost of doing business increases and as lenders come to terms with the LOS experience, there is some new and healthy interest in finding more effective approaches to improving processes, efficiency and costs.
BusinessOptix is a cloud-based business modeling and process design platform.
An intelligent interfacing module of process capability between the product and process design systems in virtual prototyping environment is developed on the basis of the knowledge acquired at different organizations involved in new product and process development [3].
They held talks with the unit, and shared perspectives, experiences, and consultation regarding mediation, best practices and process design.
The process design criteria was completed to provide Blackham with a block flow process diagram and major equipment list for a standalone gold plant at Matilda.
Chemtrix will contribute its ready-to-use lab and kilo-scale micro reactors, as well as reactor and process design for industrial reactors, and DSM will employ its expertise in drug synthesis route development, scale-up and implementation of continuous flow processes for manufacturing.
The recipients were managing director Peter Coulman and marketing manager Laura Cowies, of Cleveland Process Design, Wilton International Site; Helen Wilson, associate at Anderson Barrowcliff of Stockton, and Scott McDonald, store manager at Armidillo Storage of Stockton.
(It) strives to integrate seamlessly into the process design team." The firm adds, "as an independent consultant, we are in the position to give clients unbiased advice as to the best form of noise control ...
Gabriele Engl, manager of information technologies for process design and control at Linde's Engineering Division.
According to a recent study, 31 percent of companies blamed CRM shortfalls on poor business process design, and 21 percent struggled with customizing CRM to their unique organizational requirements.

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