problem child

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Problem Child

In growth share matrices, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require large cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate at a loss or with little profit. These companies are normally growing rapidly (hence the need for cash) but represent new markets, products, or brands. Problem children represent an initial stage in growth share matrices; they have the potential to become stars or cash cows, but also to become dogs, depending on how the relevant markets grow. Analysts carefully evaluate problem children to determine whether or not they should be divested. A problem child is also called a question mark. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.
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problem child

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Frankfurt's Binding Brewery, in which it holds more than a 75% interest, was also a problem child. Oetker's largest business interest, though, is ocean shipping, where its Oetker-Reederei is the market leader in routes to the USA and Latin America.
The religious spin is not a positive one, and when you toss in Problem Child, a song about child abuse that ends in suicide, parts of this disc start to sound like notes transcribed from years of psychotherapy.
[Mama] tells us that I, her problem child, decided out of nowhere that I did not want a white doll to play with, I demanded a brown doll, one that would look like me.
No deduction is allowed for amounts paid to send a problem child to a special school to obtain the benefits of its course of study and disciplinary methods.
were, of course, the problem child of the market at its most depressed."
In one of the installments, four-year-old Heather is taken from her father and placed in a foster-care facility after her teachers identify her as a problem child "being home schooled in a right-wing homophobic home." When Heather's mother refuses to comply with a family court order to undergo a Queer Sensitivity Services training session, the child is told she will never see her parents again.
They don't offer courses specifically designed to meet the needs of the problem student, and almost none have actual classrooms where student teachers can learn how to deal with the problem child under the watchful and helpful gaze of a mentor.
Next we headed across the main road to the Wayfarer, a sprawling white roadside pub-and-two-restaurants whose greenhouse is home to Problem Child Brewing.
Boss Alan Brown branded City Link "the problem child" of Rentokil's b u wh do co co l a di the a loss, with a pounds 14.5m profit they businesses, which dragged down its pest control and commercial laundry divisions as the group made a loss, compared with a pounds 14.5m profit the year before.
"Fears of a 'double dip recession' are mounting as Greece continues to be the problem child of the eurozone.
Hats off to Southern France (again) -this time for a well-made blend of the syrah, grenache and (potential problem child) carignan grapes.
Billy is a problem child who has continued being a problem child into adulthood, and is now roaming with gangs.

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