Probability function

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Probability function

A measure that assigns a likelihood of occurrence to each and every possible outcome.
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Probability Function

In statistics, a measure of the probable distribution of some random variable. When plotted on a chart, the area under the graph represents the probable values of the random variable. It is used in foreign exchange and equities as a means of assessing probable future market trends.
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The method allows to combine two probability functions similar to those used by ITU and 3GPP models.
The annual Weibull probability function is given in Fig.
Once the probability function of the accumulated travelled distances was established, it was assumed that the energy efficiency of the batteries was the same in all cases and the energy required by the electric vehicle to recharge the battery after a normal day of operation was afterward calculated.
(5) By taking chance to be an analyst expert, Hall arrives at a particular version of a deference principle for chance, namely C(A|[CH.sup.t][P.sub.t,w] & E) = [P.sub.t,w](A|[CH.sup.t][P.sub.t,w] & E), where E is the agent's total evidence and [CH.sup.t][P.sub.t,w] is the proposition that the chances at t are represented by the probability function [P.sub.t,w].
Moreover, when the probability function p(e) is not concave in e, our conclusions still hold; thus, this note clarifies the behavior of self-protection with a background risk.
The synchronizing probability function of an automaton.
For instance, features of support resistance distribution under different roof fracture manners were obtained by means of analysis incorporating Weibull's threeparameter probability function (Liu et al., 2014).

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