Probability function

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Probability function

A measure that assigns a likelihood of occurrence to each and every possible outcome.

Probability Function

In statistics, a measure of the probable distribution of some random variable. When plotted on a chart, the area under the graph represents the probable values of the random variable. It is used in foreign exchange and equities as a means of assessing probable future market trends.
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It is proved by research that the exponential failure probability function is suitable for analysis of motion instability of fractured roof blocks.
As long as this range is small, variations within this range can be neglected and the EUI probability functions created.
Figure 1 shows the probability function for N = 10, (r, s) = (0.
Apart from using the uniform distribution, the researcher can specify the mass probability function on the basis of previous studies in the field of interest.
s conjecture (1973) whereby the probability functions can only be derived from other probability functions.
n]} be a finite set & let P be a probability function define on all subsets of Y with P({[y.
a]> 0) [15], as the intuition would suggest, and given the assumptions made about the probability function p(.
Firstly, a discrete model with a discrete probability function was obtained directly from experimental data.
A common representation of risk is in the form of an exceedance probability function of consequences, where risk (R(x)) is the sum of the probability ([p.

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