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Pro forma

A financial projection based on assumptions. Also, refers to a statement of income and balance sheets that exclude non-recurring items.
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Pro Forma Financial Statement

A financial statement that a company prepares to consider the effects of a potential activity. For example, if a company is considering acquiring another, it may prepare a pro forma financial statement to estimate what effect the acquisition would have on its own financial circumstances. A pro forma financial statement can be part of the risk analysis of a situation. See also: Due diligence.
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pro forma

prescribing a set form or procedure. For instance, a pro forma invoice may be sent to a customer in advance of a transaction to facilitate paperwork, or a pro forma projected SOURCES AND USES OF FUNDS STATEMENT may be constructed to show the bank manager the anticipated future financial situation as a basis for negotiating a short-term LOAN.
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pro forma

See pro forma statement.

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It also disclosed consolidated first-half adjusted EBITDA loss of $6.6 million versus an adjusted pro-forma EBITDA loss of $1.4 million in the first six months of 2018.
When reviewing the pro-forma numbers, one may ask if the former Greater Media properties are fueling the growth for Beasley — and not its legacy stations.
Pro-forma Group net profit increased by 12.4 per cent from last year, driven by healthy activity across our various businesses and notable improvements in efficiency and asset quality.
There are reasons to use pro-forma statements even if your business is not expected to change significantly in the coming year.
Pro-forma news- paper ad revenue at the New York Times Co.
In Example 1, B's pro-forma C taxable income is $250,000 ($100,000 net recognized BIG + $150,000 nonseparately stated income), which is greater than its $100,000 recognized BIG ($125,000) over its recognized built-in losses ($25,000).
On a pro-forma basis and excluding any synergies, MTG will contribute 25% of the enlarged TDC's EBITDA less capex.
Revenue (hereafter we show changes in rubles) in 2Q grew by 71% y-o-y, and 20% on a pro-forma basis on the back of Victoria acquisition and strong organic growth dynamics (22% increase in retail space).
He noted the wide range of consensus estimates, with EPS ranges from $6.63-$8.21 for 2019 and $7.45-$9.05 for 2020, while telling investors that his own pro-forma EPS forecasts are for $7.57 in 2019 and $8.30 in 2020.
Based on the pro-forma 30 April 2017 reported NAV, (including the impact of the revaluation of the carried interest provision), the pro-forma NAV of the Trust is expected to be GBP613.5 m (or 1,643.7 pence per share).
(CHP) posted a pro-forma net profit of P1.88 billion in the first nine months while cement sales volume grew modestly.
The purchase of the controlling stake will result in a 9% EPS accretion on a pro-forma basis in fiscal 2013.