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Pro rata

Shared or divided according to a ratio or in proportion to participation.
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Pro Rata

Describing a distribution according to some proportion. For example, a salary may be stated as $120,000 per year pro rata. This means that if an employee only works for six months, his/her salary will be $60,000. Likewise, dividends are distributed pro rata, meaning that shareholders receive them according to the proportion of shares that they own.
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pro rata

Used to refer to something on a proportional basis. For example, in a rights offering, rights are distributed to stockholders on the basis of the number of shares already held by each stockholder. Thus, the pro rata distribution enables the stockholders to purchase new shares in proportion to the old shares they already own.
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pro rata

Proportionate to one's interests or claims.In bankruptcy,unsecured creditors will receive their pro rata portion of any money left after paying secured creditors, attorneys'fees, and costs of administration. If the unsecured claims total $1,000,000, and the money left for distribution is $10,000, then each creditor will receive 1 cent for each dollar of their claim.

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The savings association may, at its option, assign the investment on a pro rata basis to different risk-weight categories according to the investment limits in its prospectus.
The merging of a recapitalized SAIF with a sound BIF would then consolidate the FICO bond obligation of SAIF into the new insurance fund and effectively obligate past BIF members to participate on a pro rata basis.
* The most common methods of allocating headquarters costs are: On a pro rata basis per square footage of space occupied (50 percent of those describing how they allocate costs); On a lump sum basis, e.g., fixed amount for each store (9 percent); On a pro rata basis per sales (8 percent); and billed as part of charge when headquarters services are used (8 percent).
KAR Auction Services announced that its board of directors formally approved the separation of its salvage auction business from KAR through a distribution of all of the outstanding shares of common stock of its wholly-owned subsidiary, IAA Spinco, to KAR stockholders on a pro rata basis. In connection with the approval, the board has set the distribution ratio, record date and distribution date for the spin-off.
Therefore, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the offer, the fund will buy shares from all tendering stockholders on a pro rata basis, without any odd lot transactions and disregard fractions.
Therefore, the Fund will purchase Shares from all tendering stockholders on a pro rata basis, disregarding fractions.
The debentures will be redeemed on a pro rata basis at par, together with all accrued and unpaid interest, for a total redemption amount equal to USD1,011.7808 for each USD1,000 principal amount of debentures redeemed (less any applicable taxes required to be withheld).
The debentures will be redeemed on a pro rata basis. On redemption, Chorus will pay to the holders of the redeemed debentures the outstanding principal amount of the debentures to be redeemed, for a total of CDN1,010.671238 per CDN1,000.00 principal amount of debentures.
Stockholders who exercise their rights in full may also exercise an over-subscription privilege to purchase, on a pro rata basis, a portion of the unsubscribed shares at the same price of USD0.30 per share, subject to certain limitations.
Under the proposed rights offering, the company expects to distribute, on a pro rata basis, to all stockholders of record transferable subscription rights that would enable the rights holder to purchase depositary shares, each representing a fractional interest in a share of preferred stock.
The cost of the Eisteddfod should be bourne by ALL the Welsh county councils on a pro rata basis based on the population (English/Welsh) of each county.