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Mr Graham said: "We believe that the airport's long term fortunes would be best served in private hands, and a Welsh Conservative Government would seek to return the airport to private ownership by the end of the next Assembly term.
Privately owned Garage Condominiums are a recent real estate phenomenon that promotes the private ownership of over sized garages.
The sixth chapter builds on the discussion of the previous chapter on the private ownership and exchange.
This is further progress in returning Lloyds Banking Group to private ownership, reducing our national debt and getting taxpayers money back.
The chancellor, George Osborne, said: 'I can confirm today that the government is taking the next step in returning Lloyds Banking Group to private ownership.
Studied the average stock returns are accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange for more than 50% of private ownership, state ownership of between 2002 to 2013 compared is less.
Before today, private ownership maps were difficult to obtain, often involving a trip to the local tax office and working with a GIS professional," said Kevin Toohill, general manager of MyTopo.
The Quality of Service regime that applies to Royal Mail under public ownership will continue to apply under private ownership.
The property, owned by Robert Tashjian, will remain in private ownership, but cannot be developed, according to DCR Regional Director John Scannell.
Although Lara confessed he didn't pay much attention to the auction, he said that private ownership brought into the game by IPL would help the game prosper.
29 (ANI): Cash rich Indian consortia have reportedly indicated a keen interest to invest in domestic Twenty20 teams in Australia, even as the Australian Cricketers' Association has come out in support of private ownership of these franchises.
STIRLING ALBION could be under new private ownership in the next few weeks.