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Limited company

A form of business commonly used in the U.K. comparable to incorporation in the U.S.

Limited Company

In the United Kingdom, a company with limited liability amongst its owners; that is, shareholders who are not liable for more than their investment in case of insolvency. In other words, an owner of a limited company would lose the value of his/her investment if the company declares bankruptcy, but would not be held liable for other outstanding debts. A limited company is the most common corporation structure in the United Kingdom and is designated by "Ltd" after its name.

There are two types of limited companies. A limited company by guarantee has no shareholders but instead contains members who contribute a small amount to cover outstanding debts following a potential liquidation. This structure is common among British charities, and is used by the Financial Services Authority. A public limited company usually (but not always) trades publicly, and shareholders are only liable for the value of their individual investments. These companies are designated by "p.l.c." See also: Limited liability company, U.S. Corporation.

limited company (Ltd.)

A firm registered in such a manner as to give its owners limited liability. Limited companies are most often associated with British registration, much as incorporated firms are primarily associated with U.S. registration.

limited company (Ltd)

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com)-- On Friday 23rd July 2010, Meridian Biz Management became a private limited company known as MBizM Sdn Bhd.
Ombudsman Services is a not-for-profit private limited company which runs four private sector ombudsman schemes:
Under the pair's proposal, a Royal Mint Capital Partnership would be set up, with a structure entirely different to that of an orthodox public or private limited company.
The strict rights of a shareholder holding less than 50% of the shares in a private limited company are generally fairly limited.
It has also made it easier to set up a private limited company which will benefit the thousands of sole traders and partnerships who are currently considering incorporation.
A private limited company is owned by the shareholders of the company and the directors and company secretary run the company on the shareholders' behalf.
Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) was incorporated as a private limited Company in 1963 and converted into a public limited company in January, 1964 under the Companies Act 1913, now Companies Ordinance, 1984, and is listed on all the three Stock Exchanges of the country.
The scheme is the first of its kind in the West Midlands and will unite national, regional and local public and private stakeholders in a private limited company.
Shenzhen YuanFeng Computer Technology Co Ltd (hereafter referred to as SYCT) is a private limited company that was incorporated in Shenzhen, China, in 2002.
Buildings in the Transdanubian Regional Water Works Private Limited Company owns and / or treatment, as well as some machinery equipment, supplies and information technology assets to ensure the functioning of the Tender and related liability insurance in time.
re-registration of Northern Foods plc as a private limited company.