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through agreements with private voluntary organizations (PVOs),
(23.) For examples, see Sullivan, Private Voluntary Organizations in Egypt; and Janine A.
No one questions private voluntary organizations. Not the U.S.
Local government or private voluntary organizations can apply for the funds if they are nonprofit, have an accounting system and conduct an annual audit, don't discriminate, can deliver emergency food and/or shelter and, if private, have a voluntary board.
For example, USAID-funded private voluntary organizations had completed all of the houses scheduled during the first phase of the program.
Testimony by representatives of private voluntary organizations pointed out: (1) the need to involve private voluntary organizations in implementing a school feeding program; (2) the importance of improving educational quality to enhance the school feeding impact; (3) the need for a multifaceted, multiyear approach; (4) the need for involving the private commercial sector; and (5) concerns about the real impact of a school feeding program on childrens nutrition.
In addition to political parties, Egypt's non-governmental organizations (NGOs) include associations, private voluntary organizations (PVOs), and syndicates (or unions), all of which provide an outlet for political participation and a training ground for future political leaders which is lacking in the formal political system.
(See section on UNRWA below.) In 1975, with strong support from private voluntary organizations, the United States began to provide foreign assistance for Palestinian projects, primarily humanitarian (child care, medical clinics) or infrastructure (clean water, roads, schools).
* Not more than eleven percent of the funds appropriated by this Act to carry out the development assistance programs of agriculture, rural development, and nutrition (Section 103, FAA), agricultural research (Section 103A, FAA), population and health (Section 104, FAA), education and human resources development (Section 105, FAA), energy, private voluntary organizations, and selected developmental activities (Section 106, FAA), and Economic Support Fund (Chapter 4, Part II, FAA) that are made available for Latin America and the Caribbean may be available, through bilateral and Latin America and the Caribbean regional programs, to provide assistance for any country in such region.
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