principal stockholder

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Principal stockholder

A stockholder who owns 10% or more of the voting stock of a company. Such stockholders must report all trading in the stock to the SEC pursuant insider trading rules.

Principal Stockholder

A person or company that owns more than 10% of the voting stock in a publicly-traded company. All principal stockholders must announce themselves to the SEC and abide by all rules governing the prevention of insider trading.

principal stockholder

A stockholder who owns a large number of voting shares in a firm. For SEC purposes, a person who owns 10% or more of a firm's voting stock is considered a principal stockholder.
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1,000,000 of the shares will be sold by the company and 7,000,000 by selling shareholders, such as its principal shareholder and some of its officers, including the chief executive officer.
My experience in this netherworld started in a downtown Hotel in Toronto where I had just arrived from Sudbury to become a principal shareholder in a company called Canadian Controlled Media Corporation, which was the proud owner of Score-golf magazine.
The two companies together will have the breadth of product lines and technical resources to become a major player in UV, EB and water-base coatings, adhesives and specialty products," added Tim Leeper, a principal shareholder in Actinic.
Commissioner, an executed purchase agreement defined the purchaser as the principal shareholder "or his assigns.
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