principal stockholder

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Principal stockholder

A stockholder who owns 10% or more of the voting stock of a company. Such stockholders must report all trading in the stock to the SEC pursuant insider trading rules.

Principal Stockholder

A person or company that owns more than 10% of the voting stock in a publicly-traded company. All principal stockholders must announce themselves to the SEC and abide by all rules governing the prevention of insider trading.

principal stockholder

A stockholder who owns a large number of voting shares in a firm. For SEC purposes, a person who owns 10% or more of a firm's voting stock is considered a principal stockholder.
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My experience in this netherworld started in a downtown Hotel in Toronto where I had just arrived from Sudbury to become a principal shareholder in a company called Canadian Controlled Media Corporation, which was the proud owner of Score-golf magazine.
The two companies together will have the breadth of product lines and technical resources to become a major player in UV, EB and water-base coatings, adhesives and specialty products," added Tim Leeper, a principal shareholder in Actinic.
Elektra, whose principal shareholder Ricardo Salinas Pliego and his family used to control Salinas y Rocha, won the auction for Grupo SyR with a bid of US$77.
Pursuant to instructions received from the Principal Shareholder Directors, fees they receive for their services as a director in Elron are paid directly to the principal shareholder company that employs them.
Principal shareholder Taylor Moffitt said, "After talking with several top notch candidates, Chris McGovern and I feel that Frank Love is in the best possible position to represent our interests as shareholders, and bring value to the table.
Principal Funds Distributor, Principal Shareholder Services, Principal Management Corporation, and Principal Investors Fund, Inc.
NASDAQ & TASE:ELRN) announced today that it has filed a Schedule 14D-9 Solicitation/Recommendation Statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), as required by the SEC's rules, in response to an unsolicited tender offer (the "Offer") by its principal shareholder Discount Investment Corporation ("DIC"), to purchase up to 4,440,000 ordinary shares of Elron for $12.
Fitch's affirmation of BBVA Colombia's long- and short-term IDRs as well as its support rating reflects our continued belief that there is a moderate probability of support for this bank, should it be required, by its principal shareholder, Spain's Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA; rated 'AA-' by Fitch), given BBVA's strong ability, which could be somewhat constrained by economic risks in Colombia.
Siskind of options to purchase up to 1,500,000 shares of SA Common on the same terms as the Principal Shareholder Options, exercisable only to the extent the Principal Shareholder Options are exercised, (iii) the arrangement of a new credit facility for the Company by Mr.
8% of the Company's current issued share capital by virtue of him being a principal shareholder in both FMR Corp.
Siskind is the principal shareholder and CEO of several companies engaged in various segments of the apparel industry, in which he has over 30 years' experience.
Novicourt") (TSX:NOV) announces that its principal shareholder and parent company, Falconbridge Limited ("Falconbridge"), has advised that it intends to make an offer by way of a takeover bid for all of the outstanding common shares of Novicourt that Falconbridge does not already own.
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