principal market

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Principal Market

The primary exchange on which a security is traded. For example, most blue chip companies list their principal market as the New York Stock Exchange because it is a large exchange with a high trading volume. Nevertheless, these stocks can and do trade on other exchanges, as well as in the over-the-counter market.
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principal market

The main market in which a security trades. The principal market for the common stock of most large corporations in the United States is the New York Stock Exchange, even though most of this stock also trades on one or more other exchanges and in the over-the-counter market. See also consolidated tape.
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Perfadex Plus was launched in the principal markets, the US and Europe, in 2018 and the work on regulatory approval for Perfadex Plus is ongoing, with the aim that the product is approved in all markets in 2019.
With Outlook on the Long-Term IDR Negative, IPF's IDRs reflect the concentration of its funding within potentially confidence-sensitive wholesale sources, and its business model's vulnerability to regulators' imposition of rate caps and other such operating restrictions in its principal markets. They also take into account IPF's low balance sheet leverage by conventional finance company standards, and its management's experience in conducting unsecured consumer lending in emerging markets.
Our pipeline remains strong in our principal markets in Northern California, Southern California and New York City, and we believe the expansion of our presence in the greater Seattle market during the second half of the year will provide another catalyst for driving future growth in loans, deposits and earnings."
Principal markets are Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Piece Part Repair and Capital Equipment.
The buildings to come down include the principal markets building, the meat and fish building, cold store and the warehouses flanking Barford Street.
The buildings set to come down include the principal markets building, the meat and fish building, cold store and the warehouses flanking Barford Street.
Its principal markets include the chemical and petrochemical, construction, automotive, consumer electronics, information technology, bioscience, and environmental markets.
The principal markets for its services are Huntington's six-state retail banking franchise: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky.
Brookfield Residential is a land developer and homebuilder, active in eleven principal markets across North America.
Issues such as the applicable principal markets and the effect of nominal fees associated with a GIK require NFPs to scrutinize their GIK practices to ensure the proper application of U.S.
The KBC Group has reached an agreement with Societe Generale Srbija and Telenor Serbia on a 47-million-euro deal for them to acquire KBC Banka, ANSAmed reported.Telenor will acquire 100% of shares, while Societe Generale Srbija is to take over KBC Banka's activities and main deposits.The operation will have a limited impact on KBC, which has authorized a capital increase of almost EUR42m.The sale is part of a November 2009 strategy KBC agreed to with the European Commission, which involves its concentration on retail and small, medium and midcap clients in its principal markets in Belgium and CEE.bne

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