primary trend

Primary trend

General movement in price data that lasts 4 to 4 1/2 years.
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Primary Trend

An overarching, long-term trend for a security. Generally, a primary trend refers to a trend over a period of four years or so. A primary trend may be bullish or bearish, and, in market analysis, it takes precedence over opposite, short-term trends that occur periodically. For example, a security may climb 15% in annualized terms from 2000 through 2003; if the security dropped 3% in 2002, this does not change the primary, upward trend.
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primary trend

The main direction in which security prices are moving. An upward primary trend is a bull market while a downward primary trend is a bear market. See also secondary trend.
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Two secondary gold trends, which extend for approximately 6.5 kilometers each are oriented in a northwest to southeast direction and bisect the primary trend. All three gold geochemical trends are coincidental to geophysical trends identified from the national regional airborne geophysics.
It's the primary trend he's tracking for a variety of reasons.
This means the primary trend for crude oil is to fall since Opec supplies only a mere third of global demand.
The primary trend related to investment management is a recognition that socially conscious investing matters to clients.
PS: The primary trend we experience first-hand is the increase in demand of quality requirements from customers and regulatory bodies.
The primary trend in the companion animal drug market is an increase in pet adoption and humanization of pets globally.
It is seen in the chart that during the seven years long period shares of monitored companies went through all the three types of primary trend but each company with a different intensity.
* Gundlach on Economy: CyThe Primary Trend Is Down'
And, for those who want a little more clout in their colours, look out for the primary trend of red, blue and yellow that is set to gather pace during the year.
The primary trend, however, was overwhelmingly reactionary, and included relentless pursuit of the "southern strategy" whereby the Republican Party became the natural home for Americans disenchanted by the Democrats' adoption of the civil rights agenda.
"Right now, if you look at the primary trend, the uptrend is still intact but the market may still retest the 6,100 (support)," he said.
Although we believe that some pull back is overdue, valuations look unremarkable, and the primary trend is still positive.