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1. Describing information that is or may be relevant for a firm's operations. For example, if a VCR company is experiencing a dearth of demand because most of its potential customers are buying DVD players, this is material information that will likely need to be disclosed to shareholders. See also: Immaterial.

2. Raw substances that a company uses to make its product. For example, an oil refinery's material is crude oil, which it makes into refined oil.


Of sufficient importance or relevance as to have possible significant influence on an outcome. For example, the possibility that a firm might lose its right to operate a number of television stations because competitors have filed with the Federal Communications Commission for those licenses would be a material fact in preparing the firm's financial statements. Compare immaterial.
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This is because oil is a significant input in the production of the synthetics that compete with other primary commodities, such that the fall in the real price of oil can also contribute to the fall in the price of some commodities.
This could be a significant contribution to Africa's growth because it builds on China's own experience of building special economic zones where manufacturing production can take hold, and if that happens in Africa it could be really important as a source of jobs and as a source of economic growth beyond exporting primary commodities.
Attempts to boost exports failed as the country's exports were dominated by primary commodities which shrank in price in the world market.
Structural transformation entails broadening the production structure from one based predominantly on primary commodities to one increasingly based on industry, particularly manufacturing, and on knowledge-based services.
This means that economies with better financial systems are more likely to export manufacturing products and import primary commodities.
The leaders are scheduled to discuss, among other issues, the future growth of the Middle East economy with focus on how to deal with inflation and a surge in prices of primary commodities, including oil.
63 billion in 2002, with UAE exports mainly comprising primary commodities such as basic metals; fabrics; stone materials; ceramic and glass products; and animals.
For the second day in succession, a buoyant primary commodities sector denied the best attempts of the mortgage-lenders, a sector which would appear to be on a downward spiral, to drag the market down.
The primary commodities carried on the inland waterways as a whole are coal, grain, petroleum products and chemicals, aggregates, ores and minerals, iron and steel
Rapidly increasing prices of primary commodities, such as crude oil and coal, have until recently had a positive influence on corporate performance with the yen's appreciation against the dollar.
We consider these historical rates to be a more realistic gauge of future growth because of these countries' reliance on highly volatile primary commodities and other vulnerabilities such as HIV/AIDS.
It also wants:- A ban on rich countries subsidising their agricultural exports, which would cut over-production- Action to stabilise prices for primary commodities at higher levels and to pay more to small farmers- Fairer patent rules that ensure poor countries can afford new technologies and basic medicines and seeds- Better employment, health and education standards, especially for women- National and regional policies in developing countries that help poor people access markets and benefit from trade.