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Harsh Vardhan promises Food Prices Commission, if party wins Assembly polls
com>, former Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Prices Commission, Islamabad, is currently Professor of Economics, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, Islamabad.
But the Prices Commission said "no increase was justified" and recommended reviewing the licensing laws.
Various studies undertaken at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad and Agricultural Prices Commission (APCOM) show that cost of production of crops is about 24-52% higher than the gross crop value resulting in a net loss to the growers in Pakistan.
In price policy matters, the Agricultural Prices Commission (APCom) was to be strengthened for a greater role.
The studies carried out by the Agricultural Prices Commission in 1985 showed that the domestic resource cost (DRC) for sugarcane sown in spring, which is the main crop cultivated in the country, was above unity, In simple words, domestic resource cost is defined as the domestic resources used to produce a crop either to save one dollar or to earn one dollar of foreign exchange.
According to calculations made by the Agricultural Prices Commission, the production of wheat during the period 1978-79 to 1988-89 increased at an average compound rate of 2.
The authors are also grateful to Dr Abdul Salam, Division Chief, Agricultural Prices Commission and Dr Muhammad Hussain Malik, Senior Research Economist, PIDE, for their useful suggestions and comments.
Farmers using modern inputs and adopting better husbandry practices are reported to have much higher yields than those obtaining on the majority of farms Agricultural Prices Commission, (1986).
The Agricultural Prices Commission (APCOM) has estimated the 1985 and 1986 costs of production, including land rent of average farms, for seed cotton in the Punjab.
According to our survey, only slightly less than one-half is obtained from farmers, a proportion which is on the high side if compared with the findings of the Agricultural Prices Commission [5, p.