price gap

Price gap

A term used when the price of a stock rockets or dives in a direction away from its last price range, such as a stock with a trading range of $10-$12 that closes at $12 and climbs to $14 the next day.
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Price Gap

In technical analysis, a break on a chart representing a sudden and large price movement accompanied by high trading volume. Generally speaking, charts do not show price gaps because price movements, even when large, occur smoothly enough to not require a break in the chart. Price gaps may occur, for example, when the price of a security suddenly doubles or halves. As with many charting terms, it may be bullish or bearish; a sudden movement upward is a bullish price gap, while a sudden movement downward is bearish. It is also called a breakaway gap.
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price gap

See gap.
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One sign of market overreaction is when a stock creates a sharp move at market opening resulting to a price gap. Gaps happen where there is a newsworthy event overnight affecting the stock that has not yet been discounted by the market.