price target

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Price Target

1. An estimate for the future price of a security. For example, an investment adviser may inform a brokerage or a client that, after careful analysis, he/she believes that a given security's price will rise or fall to a certain level in a certain period of time. This speculative price is called the price target. A price target far in the future has more uncertainty that one in the short-term.

2. A security's price that will result in the desired return for an investor. For example, if an investor buys a stock at $10 per share and wishes to double her money, her price target is $20 per share.

price target

The projected price of a security.
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Here are the new price targets as compiled by Reuters:
If you buy at or near the recent lows, you could end up just about doubling your money, if these stocks hit the price targets set by analysts this year.
The real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates continues to languish due to high inflation and reduced demand, despite improving liquidity, Nomura said, and cut its price targets on four real-estate developers in the region.
17 November 2010 - Jyske Bank and Danske Markets have cut their share price targets on Danish dry cargo and tanker company D/S Norden (CPH: DNORD), while Svenska Handelsbanken hiked its rating on the firm to "buy".
Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have both upgraded their share price targets to reflect the robust results.
Today a host of Wall Street's finest are tripping over each other to raise estimates and price targets on Ford.
20 October 2009 - Goldman Sachs has raised the price targets on Swedish telecoms group Tele2 AB (STO: TEL2 B) and on Swedish-Finnish sector major TeliaSonera AB (STO:TLSN) (HEL:TLS1V), while confirming its "buy" and "neutral" ratings, respectively.
Understanding how these reports are structured is the first step as it makes it easier to judge how price targets are reached.
Aker Solutions (OSL: AKSO) and Subsea 7 (OSL: SUB) also got "buy" ratings, and share price targets of NOK95 and NOK136 respectively.
The broker set the price targets on Sevan Marine and Aker Solutions at NOK14 and NOK100 respectively.