price target

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Price Target

1. An estimate for the future price of a security. For example, an investment adviser may inform a brokerage or a client that, after careful analysis, he/she believes that a given security's price will rise or fall to a certain level in a certain period of time. This speculative price is called the price target. A price target far in the future has more uncertainty that one in the short-term.

2. A security's price that will result in the desired return for an investor. For example, if an investor buys a stock at $10 per share and wishes to double her money, her price target is $20 per share.
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price target

The projected price of a security.
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* Barclays lowered Fortive Corp(NYSE:FTV) price target from $89 to $84.
(AA): JP Morgan raised its price target to $10 from $9, while Stiffel also increased its target to $13 from $12.
JPMorgan Chase, while issuing a AUD26.77 price target, has reiterated an 'underweight' rating on the stock.
Based on expectations for higher dividend, the broker set the share price target at NOK220 and reiterated its "buy" recommendation.
The brokerage also cut its price target on Sorouh to 2.64 dirhams from 2.78 dirhams, but elevated the stock to 'top sector' status, citing its promising near-term prospects.
24 September 2010 - Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs both have raised their recommendation and price target on Danish food ingredients and enzymes maker Danisco A/S (CPH: DCO).
Nevertheless, Goldman Sachs' share price target on Strabag remains the highest.
Alexander remains bullish still and has increased his 12- to 18-month price target for SNPS to $34.
The most recent rating by Rosenblatt, on August 29, is at Buy, with a price target of $47.00.