price range

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Price range

The interval between the high and low prices over which a stock has traded over a particular period of time.

Price Range

The high and low prices between which a security trades over a given period of time. The size of the price range is an indicator of volatility, with a large price range showing a great deal of volatility and a low range showing the opposite. A price range is also called simply a range.

price range

See range.
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HONG KONG: Samsonite International sold shares at the bottom end of a revised price range in its Hong Kong initial public offering (IPO), raising HK$9.
Of the nearly 100 houses on the market now, the median price currently fluctuates between $325,000 and $340,000, with more than 40 houses offered in the price range of $200,000-$325,000.
On the West Side, the most common price range for the sales of pre-war coops was $200,000-to-$300,000, the same as in 1999's first quarter.
Another important factor in the long-term recovery and in 1996 as well was that average pricing did not change very much even as activity spread to the higher price ranges.