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By giving a guaranteed selling price, up to March 2020, they are designed to protect producers from price fluctuations.
Taylors of Harrogate said it was "well set up to respond to price fluctuations".
He added that the agreement will end on June 30 and that it aims to renew it in order to secure the fuel subsidy budget in FY 2019/20 from the risks of oil price fluctuations in the markets.
Price fluctuations for 5-year international bonds to their nominal value ranged from 99,200 percent to 100,950 percent (with a yield from 4.53 percent to 4.933 percent), including 100,333 percent as of April 19 (yield was 4,670 percent).
Price fluctuations in Kyrgyzstan remain low, the regulator noted.
'We are likewise confident that through the enactment of this bill into law, we would be able to protect the rice industry from sudden price fluctuations and eventually ease the burden of the Filipino consumers from soaring prices,' he said.
The ministry said in its announcement on Wednesday that the retail price of petrol relies on price fluctuations in the global market, as Cambodia depends mainly on petroleum imports.
Acknowledging the price fluctuations, President SSBA, Haji Haroon Rasheed Chand said the Association mainly fixes the rates after taking into account the rupee-dollar fluctuations and world gold prices.
Ting said the Cabinet also instructed the COA to watch out for any price fluctuations in local markets and to supervise private wholesalers and their inventory to increase supplies when needed.
The shortage is causing high price fluctuations and may affect SMEs the most.
When the economy shows signs of recession, the NCSI goes down, because businesses reduce investments in products and services, while consumers being more sensitive to price fluctuations. When the economy shows signs of recovery, the index goes up.