price change

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Price change

Increase or decrease in the closing price of a security compared to the previous day's closing price.
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Price Change

The difference between the closing price on a trading day and the closing price on the previous trading day. The price change may be positive or negative. For example, if a stock closes at $11 on Tuesday and $12 on Wednesday, it has a price change of +$1. On the other hand, if the stock falls to $10 on Thursday, it has a price change of -$2 with respect to Wednesday. Price change is also called net change. See also: Technical Analysis.
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price change

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Crude oil price fluctuation has a major impact on the pricing of carbon black.
Demand remained flat and the price fluctuation was due to the exchange rate between the local currency baht and the U.S.
TOKYO, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- The US dollar fell to a five-month low against the Japanese yen into the upper 107 yen range on Tuesday in Tokyo on concern over recent stock price fluctuation. At 5:10 p.m.
The spokesman said that price fluctuation of fertiliser co-relate with international market.
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Topics discussed included construction trends in the GCC, FIDIC and standard forms, management of risk, taking over - under UAE law, contract termination and impact of oil price fluctuation on the construction industry.
The guiding trading price for the first day of trading will be QAR 15.0 per share with a price fluctuation limit of 30 per cent up or down, which will be permitted only for the first day of listing; however, on the second day and thereafter a price fluctuation limit of 10 per cent up or down will apply as is the case for all other listed companies.
Price fluctuation The global crude oil price during February slightly fluctuated, in comparison with last month due to the market fears of slowing euro zone and American economies and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues reducing it production by 700,000 barrels with a strong demand from China.
"The oil price the short term is not positive and will impact the maritime trade," Mansouri told a trade conference in the UAE capital.
"The price fluctuation should not be of much concern to us as all our contracts are long term which insulates us against too much price fluctuations," al Attiyah said.
Ending price fluctuation would help to stop this, said Mr Hollobone.