price ceiling

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Price Ceiling

The highest price for a good or service permitted by a government. A government may impose a price ceiling to protect consumers or to combat inflation. Many economists believe setting price ceilings is economically inefficient and a better response is to find a way to increase the supply of a good or service in order to bring down prices.
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price ceiling

the maximum PRICE that can be charged for a PRODUCT, as determined by the government. Contrast PRICE FLOOR.


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Developers appeal changes in housing standards, price cap !-- -- Iris Gonzales (The Philippine Star) - July 14, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Socialized housing developers are opposing the changes in housing standards and price ceilings imposed by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).
The country's mass housing developers have appealed to the government to rethink 'unrealistic' price ceilings and benchmarks currently used for socialized and economic housing, warning that these would only hamper their capacity to help address the housing backlog that is 'nearing crisis proportions.'
Amman, June 22 (Petra)- Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hala Zwati, said the fixed tax approved by the Cabinet is the penultimate stage in the oil derivatives market liberalization program, which will be followed by setting fuel price ceilings. The government's decision to unify the tax on oil derivatives by fixing its value means that it will not rise now or in the future if prices rise, Zawati said in an interview with "Petra".
THE country's trade chief on Tuesday shunned government-imposed price ceilings and instead pitched for supply intervention as a way to arrest the rising prices of basic goods.
The amendments would require reporting on all price reductions so the PMPRB could account for all reductions when setting price ceilings and monitoring compliance.
This was the first day after price ceilings for RCA policies were removed.
These are the price ceilings that operators are free to compete within by setting prices below these regulatory caps to provide more attractive and innovative offers to consumers.
NPPA has imposed price ceilings on 509 formulation packs covering 348 drugs classified under the National List of Essential Medicines.
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), which can adjust the price ceilings on a bi-weekly basis, posted the statement on its website shortly after the Ministry of Finance said it would raise consumption taxes on oil products such as gasoline and diesel for the third time in six weeks.
natural gas market, which was subject to price ceilings between 1954 and 1989.
Egypt's cabinet decided in September to impose price ceilings on fruits and vegetables.