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What you will have to do, though, is replace your stock pistol grip with the Crimson Trace grip because it has the pressure pad and communication technology necessary to make things go.
Participants walked across a pressure pad before walking across moistened Ileret soil similar to that under which the ancient footprints were made.
Leupold's brand new Vendetta, a bow-mounted range-finder, gives the archer precise range to the target with only a simple squeeze of the pressure pad on the bow grip.
The troops uncovered 53 pressure pad IEDs, 36 detonators, plastic explosives and 8 kilograms of homemade explosives.
They had a sort of pressure pad on his neck and they were treating him at the scene.
Simply squeeze the pressure pad on your bow grip and the riser-mounted Vendetta Bow-Mounted Rangefinder provides a clear display of the exact range from 9.
The 27-mm CSP/MicroBGA Test and Burn-In Sockets now offer an optional adjustable pressure pad for handling very small, fragile devices such as thin or ceramic chips.
Pressure pad floor sensors make operation impossible whilst within the work enclose for further safety backup.
Developed by an orthopedic surgeon, the IMAK Knee Strap has an innovative design that allows the ergoBeads pressure pad to conform to the anatomy of the patella for maximum relief.
Additionally, the clamping-force buildup system offers a laterally displaceable plunger with integrated pressure pad.
Ongoing innovation is showcased in such products as the Futuro Sport adjustable shin splint support, which includes a removable pressure pad that can be positioned to target and help soothe pain.
Also new on the Elast 2700/400 V Compact is the clamping force build-up system featuring a laterally displaceable plunger with integrated pressure pad.