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public relations (PR)

a general means of promoting a business's COMPANY IMAGE with a view to encouraging customers to buy its products and investors to buy its shares, as well, for example, as influencing government policies on issues relevant to the company. Companies often appoint a PR officer to liase with the MEDIA in providing them with information and news about the company's activities and its record on such matters as CONSUMER PROTECTION and environmental pollution. Sponsorship of sport and the arts, etc. represents an indirect way of building up customer goodwill towards the company's products. See PROMOTIONAL MIX.
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Ian Strachan Communications has been brought on board to provide PR support to the consultancy's re-launch, as well as ongoing press relations and PR support to the business, which is based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.
Kallam is now responsible for leading the short- and long-term strategic direction for the press relations department, and managing the daily interaction with the hunting and shooting media.
France's decision to ban Iran's IRIB reporter Kamran Najafzadeh from reporting and to banish him from France is not "justifiable" and the repercussions of the action will hinder Tehran-Paris press relations, Ali Akbar Javanfekr said.
In her new role at Atlas Copco Compressors UK, her communications portfolio will cover all aspects of the company's exhibitions, advertising, press relations, promotional activity, branding, distributor support and electronic media.
Marines working in criminal investigations, press relations and recruiting have a need to use social media to carry out their duties and would likely be granted access, Thomas said.
In her new role, she also assumes responsibility for communications and press relations for AIG.
He served as VP of communications for the Katz Media Group from the 1960s through the 1980s, and was VP of press relations at Chase Manhattan Bank, retiring in 1994.
Yes, press relations and corporate design and print, but also of increasing importance is new media such as vodcasts and podcasts.'
A team that deals with press relations at Newcastle City Council is to be slimmed down.
During each session Dame Anita will meet entrepreneurs and SMEs who need advice on areas such as marketing, new product development and press relations.
I am the press relations officer of the Cardiff branch of the Royal Naval Association, and for the past three months I have been trying to contact the council to get support to bring HMS Cardiff back here to Cardiff.