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To this end, Bruno Rossmann proposes to reform the inheritance and gift tax, to progressively tax capital income and to abolish the maximum premium base of health insurance.
The assigned ratings derive strength from EFUL's position as a significant player in the life insurance products continue to be the largest contributor to EFUL's premium base featuring a combination of life insurance and savings.
The negative outlook reflects the view of the substantial risk that TRL may not rebuild its premium base to a level that supports the ratings.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 22, 2014-Chevron reports flow of oil from new premium base oil plant in Pascagoula, Mississippi facility
It is expected that the acquisition will increase IAG's premium base in New Zealand by nearly 30 per cent.
Lastly; the loss-ratio retention for a whole-account stop-loss is applied to the entire premium base, since all the lines are covered by the contract.
This forces more small- and medium-sized business to make up for the shrinking premium base with higher assessment rates.
In the process, the disadvantaged fund becomes increasingly vulnerable to insolvency as its premium base declines.
The premium is the premium (TTC) annual calculated on total premium base, is 13,556,000.
The shift in terms of client base does underscore a shift of premium base, because those industries tend to have much less workers' compensation premiums associated with them than do manufacturing and construction," Yohn said, adding that workers' comp probably will lose its place as the largest line sometime in the future.