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It reads: "The toothpaste pregnancy test involves placing a moderate amount of toothpaste on a plate or in a cup and then adding a few drops of the woman's urine to it.
(1.) Comfort AB et al., Providing free pregnancy test kits to community health workers increases distribution of contraceptives: results from an impact evaluation in Madagascar, Contraception, 2016, 93(1):44-51.
Other potential causes for false-positive urine pregnancy test results include tubo-ovarian abscess, (6) adenomyosis, (7) and cancers that produce hCG, such as colon, pancreatic, lung, liver, and urothelial bladder carcinoma.
For further confirmation and to rule out pregnancy related complications, as a bed side investigation urine pregnancy test was done, which was negative.
SAI and BI have denied Chandran's allegations and said AIBA makes it mandatory for women boxers to undergo pregnancy tests before they are considered eligible to compete at the World Championships due to be held later this week in South Korea.
Let's hope that no girls anywhere in the world will face the indignity of mandatory pregnancy tests and punishment.
From November 2009 to September 2011, 4,723 pregnancy tests were performed for women having elective surgery at our institution (Table 1).
I'd urge anyone with any concerns to call us for a free pregnancy test as soon as possible." Anyone who would liKe to request a free pregnancy test can call Marie Stopes International's helpline on 0845 371 0186.
The 27-year-old former 'Jersey Shore' star said that her first pregnancy test had left her "totally confused" and she had to ask her fiance Roger Mathews to buy two more tests for her, Us Magazine reported.
Similar principles were used to develop the latex agglutination inhibition tube and slide pregnancy tests. Some of the results were available in 2 min and were sensitive to about 1000 IU/L of urine (3).
Female detainees recently arrested at Alexandria protests have denied being abused or forced to take pregnancy tests, according to Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) spokesperson Nada Kabbary.
BARGAIN basement pregnancy tests are flying off the shelves of discount stores in the Midlands - and Kate Middleton is being blamed for the rise in demand.