tax preference item

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Tax preference item

Items that must be included when calculating the alternative minimum tax.

Tax Preference Item

Income or other event that is excluded when calculating one's ordinary tax liability but is included when calculating one's liability for the alternative minimum tax. That is, a tax preference item is an item that would be tax deductible under normal circumstances but is not for purposes of the alternative minimum tax. Examples include depreciation and some interest on municipal bonds.

tax preference item

An item that can be legally omitted in order to reduce taxable income when calculating an individual's tax liability by ordinary means. However, the item must be included when calculating the individual's alternative minimum tax. For example, interest paid by certain municipal bonds that is ordinarily omitted in calculating taxable income must be included when calculating the alternative minimum tax.
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In addition, ECRI Institute looked at supply chain initiatives that included ongoing and consistent spend management and market analytics efforts for all medical devices, including capital medical equipment, supplies, physician preference items, service contracts, reagents, and others.
The WaveMark RFID technology now makes the firm's inventory management solution the maiden, end-to-end solution of its kind - energized by a SS-based analytics platform and making optimal the configuration of a range of inventory management tools to track high-priced physician preference items as well as affordable, high-volume consumables.
56(d)(2)(A) generally requires a taxpayer to compute its ATNOL in the same manner as its NOL, with appropriate modifications for AMT adjustments and preference items.
Announces plans for new end-to-end solution to better manage implantable devices including physician preference items
The two assessments identified similar high preference items for four of six participants.
The IRS issued deficiency notices indicating that the interest expense deductions were subject to a 20% reduction for financial institution preference items under IRC [section] 291(a)(3).
Typically, the most costly supplies--and those with the most cost-savings potential--are high physician preference items such as cardiac and orthopedic implants.
Specifically, the principal component analyses were conducted on (a) the 25 research self-efficacy items, (b) the 9 perceived professional utility of research items, and (c) the 27 learning preference items.
DALLAS -- MD Buyline today released the next generation of Buyline Consumables, a comprehensive, evidence-based technology and services suite designed to help healthcare providers achieve greater predictability and data driven cost reductions across their Physician Preference Items (PPI) and supplies purchases.
The growth in member savings is attributable to many factors, including higher-volume purchasing through UHC's supply contracting company, Novation; greater adoption of UHC's advanced analytics; and member collaboration with UHC experts to identify savings opportunities linked to physician preference items, supply utilization, and standardization.
The AMT regime recaptures certain tax savings by requiring high-income individuals or corporations to modify their regular taxable income and take into account certain preference items and adjustments.