presale order

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Presale order

An order to purchase part of a new municipal bond issue that is accepted by an underwriting syndicate before an official public offering.

Presale Order

An order by an investor to buy a municipal bond before it is issued and even before all terms, such as the coupon or the maturity, have been set. The SEC disallows presale orders for other securities and, as a result, they are only available for municipal bonds because they are not subject to SEC registration requirements.

presale order

An order to buy a portion of a new municipal bond issue before the time at which certain information concerning the issue, such as the coupon, has been determined. Presale orders are permitted with municipal bond issues but not with other security issues because municipal bond issues are exempt from requirements of the SEC.
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market, started pre-sale orders for the Taiwanese brand's 5G hub on May 17 in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City, where the 5G hub is compatible with Sprint's technology.
Pre-sale orders are available on the organization's website at
They finished the expo with an average of 3 sales and 9 pre-sale orders per company.
To secure your copy of the book signed by Long, pre-sale orders are being accepted here:
Showcased to Raimondi's exclusive agent network ahead of wider release, the LR330 luffing jib crane will officially begin shipping this month to fulfill agent pre-sale orders, and is now available for wider purchase, said the company.
In addition, it is also anticipating the pre-sale orders for its 10th anniversary iPhone before increasing shipments and hastening the production process. 
The Android phone would be available for pre-order via Alcatel`s website starting 15 July for USD 349.99, with pre-sale orders shipping early August.
U.S Cellular (NYSE:USM), a large full-service wireless carrier in the US, announced on Tuesday the start of its pre-sale for the brand new LG G4 smartphone, with pre-sale orders being placed in stores and online on 29 May 2015.
According to Samsung, pre-sale orders for the phone-tablet crossover device outstripped previous Note 1 sales.
PT, or an hour after its store opened to take pre-sale orders. Meanwhile, some carrier stores were difficult or impossible to reach as they were overwhelmed by customers.
A spokeswoman for WH Smith, in Northumberland Street, Newcastle, said: "As expected, Harry Potter has captured the imagination of our customers and pre-sale orders are six times higher for the fifth book than for previous books.
The German company had warned almost a year ago that pre-sale orders were ``brisk'' and that anyone wanting to reserve one of the elegant cabrios for Christmas would have to be pretty sharp off the mark.