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Symbolic methods pre-compute the derivatives as symbolic expressions thus avoiding the costly computations later.
Recent advances databases have made it possible to pre-compute, store and access certain TPC-D calculations during testing.
Next, we pre-compute the inter distances for each cell.
It automatically selects, calculates and displays the most relevant facets and concepts for any given query based on extraction of entities and concepts from the content, without the need to predefine or pre-compute the faceted fields.
NextBio's platform integrates data from multiple repositories and diverse technologies by means of a unique correlation engine, which pre-computes billions of significant connections between disparate public and proprietary clinical and experimental data.
The GWU algorithm pre-computes a set of alternative paths for each optical link in a given network topology, so that when a fault occurs, a backup lightpath can be selected quickly and automatically.
NextBio's unique 'correlation engine' pre-computes billions of significant connections among public and private data and enables researchers to intelligently mine and interpret it in real-time.
Oncomine pre-computes cancer profiles, clusters, and gene set modules so scientists can focus on discovery--enhancing productivity.

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