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And then, since any new postdated checks he might take before the end of the month are already accounted for in this figure, the current PDC amount is simply added on.
Aside from paying a two-month deposit and advance rental for one month, and turning over five postdated checks for an initial 6-month contract in this apartment building, how much and what did it cost me to live independently?
Unbelievable as it may sound, some of the biggest retailers often issue postdated checks. MSMEs have to wait months before they can get their money back.
At least five residents of Duenas town have filed complaints against Sorongon for not paying loans from P50,000 to more than P200,000 and issuing postdated checks that had bounced.
'Undoubtedly, without their respective positions, respondents could not have orchestrated a scheme of issuing postdated checks and [the] municipal accountant's Advice of Local Check Disbursements that meddled with the municipality's funds,' the Ombudsman said in its resolution.
They initially paid Tolentino and the others via postdated checks, he said, but the last few checks they issued bounced.
"In other words, the obligation was already incurred and outstanding even before the postdated checks were even issued," the appeals court added.
Go denied ownership of the US dollar account used to accept proceeds from the Bangladesh bank heist as well as another peso account that was apparently used for the rediscounting or conversion into cash of postdated checks payable to Centurytex Trading.
The original promissory note offered an initial payment of P400,000 and postdated checks of P40,000 per month until the bill is paid, Rosario said.
Atienza, for his part, issued several postdated checks to the provincial government as payment for the loan.
He said he made a down payment of P11 million on the property and issued postdated checks covering the balance to Gregorio.
He said he issued postdated checks to pay for the balance of P435 million.