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With Hove's larger neighbour Brighton (BN1 postal district) came in as the seventh most popular place to live for aspiring 25 to 44 year olds.
11 Numbers were first added to postal districts in 1917 to create sub-districts to help the women who took over the sorting while the men were fighting in the First World War.
The average house price of pounds 362,866 in Premier League stadium postal districts is pounds 133,131 higher than the average for England and Wales.
The least expensive postal district is Plaistow with an average house price of [pounds sterling]196,426, followed by East Ham ([pounds sterling]203,500) and Leyton ([pounds sterling]209,769).
Even terraced properties were out of financial reach for first-time buyers in half of the postal districts polled.
Stevens, who lives in one of Chicago's north lakefront postal districts, helps run a party planning service that is dependent on diligent mail deliveries.
For reporting purposes, immediately above the postal districts are 10 area offices, each of which has a top-level official for customer service and another for processing and distribution.
Most of these streets are close to the main university area in the CB2 and CB3 postal districts. Millington Road in Cambridge is the most expensive street in East Anglia ([pounds sterling]2,030,000) followed by Storeys Way ([pounds sterling]1,881,000).
New research from Lloyds Bank released on Friday indicates that average property prices in the postal districts of the top 30 state schools in England have now reached GBP344,446, an average of GBP40,728, or 13%, higher than county averages of GBP303,738.
However, the system has its roots in a much earlier development, when the inventor of the postage stamp, Sir Rowland Hill, developed a system of postal districts for London in 1857.
House prices in the postal districts of the 20 clubs increased by 137 per cent, or pounds 209,975, on average over ten years, compared with a 90 per cent rise across England and Wales, according to Halifax.
Even in the days before postcodes, when there were postal districts, residents did not have to slavishly adhere to them in everyday conversation.