Post-trade processing

Post-trade processing.

Each securities transaction goes through post-trade processing during which the details of the trade are compared, cleared, and settled.

This involves matching the details of the buy order with those of the sell order, changing the records of ownership, and finalizing the payment.

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LiquidityBook is an SaaS-based provider of buy- and sell-side trading solutions, including order management, portfolio management, execution management, FIX network connectivity, compliance and pre- and post-trade processing.
The Charles River IMS provides Fiera Capital with risk and scenario analysis, portfolio analytics and construction, order and execution management, post-trade processing and compliance.
Orders are automatically transmitted to Eurex T7 Entry Service (TES) for exchange-trade confirmation and post-trade processing.
BT today announced that Cobalt, the FX post-trade processing network based on distributed ledger technology, has joined the BT Radianz Cloud -- the world's largest financial community.
We see post-trade processing as the logical first step in the transformation journey," adds Dewnarain.
EeAo A lack of standardisation in post-trade processing of transactions EeAu The processing of some asset classes (notably OTC derivatives, but also repos, collateral movements, stock loan and investment fund settlement and registration) continues to be impeded by low levels of standardisation.
From operating facilities, data centers and offices in 15 countries, DTCC, through its subsidiaries, automates, centralizes, and standardizes the post-trade processing of financial transactions, mitigating risk, increasing transparency and driving efficiency for thousands of broker/dealers, custodian banks and asset managers worldwide.
Based on these statistics, TradeFlow for Linux is entering the market for open source post-trade processing solutions during a groundbreaking information technology era for wealth managers.
According to FFastFill, WTD has extensive post-trade processing and consulting experience in both the exchange-traded derivatives (ETD) and over-the-counter (OTC) markets which FFastFill intends to leverage across its worldwide customer base.
RTS owns its post-trade processing facilities outright with 100% stakes in the RTS Clearing Centre, RTS Settlement Chamber and a 97.
The Qatar Exchange CEO thanked the QFMA and the Qatar Central Bank for their continuous support and stated that "this is excellent news for the Qatari marketplace and our growing number of international customers as having three leading financial institutions offer custody services at QE will dramatically enhance our post-trade processing services while increasing the confidence of international investors that Qatar is a safe and efficient marketplace.
We are a financial services back-office organisation that does post-trade processing for clients around the world.
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