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Account Reconciliation

The process of ensuring that one's personal records of transactions on a bank account matches the bank statement one receives each month or quarter. That is, each time one writes a check, uses a debit card, or otherwise makes a withdrawal from or deposit into a bank account, one keeps a record of the transaction. Account reconciliation involves making sure that these records match the bank's of the same transactions. Account reconciliation helps avoid, or at least remedy, such problems as identity theft and bank errors.


In appraisal, the process of considering values calculated from the various appraisal methods and weighting the strength to be given to each approach in order to arrive at a final value for the property.

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Although there is argument that post-conflict reconciliation and (transitional) justice activities must be dealt with alongside DDRR (Joao Porto, Alden and Parsons, 2007; Kingma and Muggah, 2009; Annan and Patel, 2009), in practice, reintegration is often starkly isolated or disconnected from the much needed reconciliation processes (Kingma and Muggah, 2009).
Moreover, as Judy Barsalou summarizes the current knowledge of post-conflict reconciliation and peacebuilding:
The academic discourse relating to this issue, clearly demonstrates that diaspora are rarely autonomous actors, and are often compelled by organized networks to fund, arm, engage in propaganda and act as electoral vote blocks in host countries, there-by having the potential to act as 'spoilers' in conflict resolution and post-conflict reconciliation in their home states.
It was also said that the high security zones would not be disbanded; that the Government would not be able to undertake the massive investment that was needed to restore livelihoods and ensure infrastructure development in the previously conflict-affected areas, and that no effort will be made towards post-conflict reconciliation.
Sri Lanka also noted the steps the Government has taken to integrate a gender perspective in the country's post-conflict reconciliation where women are recognized as equal partners and valuable contributors in the development process such as livelihood development and self-employment programmes which are being implemented to support the lives of the victims of the terrorist conflict, especially widows and single mothers.
Swamy will speak on" post-Conflict reconciliation and India's concerns" to suggest how to heal the Tamil-Sinhala wounds created by the three decade insurgency of the LTTE and the root cause of the lack of devolution in the unitary Sri Lanka Constitution
Sri Lanka's progress in post-conflict reconciliation and development, as well as reform measures that are designed to ensure a lasting peace.
Columbia University is collaborating with the Working Groups and will mainly provide the international experience in dealing with post-conflict reconciliation, particularly developing strategies based on historical memories.
The British Government believes that the report contains many constructive recommendations for action on post-conflict reconciliation and a political settlement.
A series of bilateral meetings were also held, by members of the Sri Lanka delegation, on the sidelines of the meeting which provided a unique opportunity to brief member and observer countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, in particular the member states of the Human Rights Council, on the comprehensive efforts being undertaken by the Government of Sri Lanka for post-conflict reconciliation and development.
Minister Peiris explained that in addition to the above highlights, Sri Lanka has given priority to post-conflict reconciliation, and the process of negotiating a solution to the outstanding political issues.

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