Post-dated check

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Post-dated check

A check that becomes payable and negotiable on a future date specified.
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Post-Dated Check

A check dated for one or more days after it is written. For example, if one dates a check for January 31st, and it is currently January 25th, it is a postdated check. Theoretically, banks do not honor postdated checks, though many do anyway.
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Among other initiatives, Aboitiz has adopted the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), where real-time data on company customer records (unposted payments, post-dated checks, and guarantees) are summarized per account and sent directly to sales managers.
Kapa was even reported to have advanced the high interest by issuing post-dated checks covering the investors' monthly take.
After pooling the cash, Mendoza would then issue post-dated checks as advance payments for their capital contributions and earned interest.
Then, there's this daughter who goes around, borrowing and giving PDCs (post-dated checks) -kiting checks.
As a guarantee, the company issued post-dated checks in the form of monthly interest to each investor.
(289) Ohio Cash Advance required her to submit two post-dated checks to obtain the loan.
Residents in Petra are protesting the Jordanian government's failure to refund post-dated checks from the recently banned sale of cars in showrooms, a practice that has been going on for years, but has became more pronounced in the past year.
"The kinds of things we use are promissory notes or post-dated checks. We're certainly discouraging people from paying by check, we want them to go through ACH.
Post-dated checks are frequently used as a guarantee by businesses.
And although Walker delivered two post-dated checks to Deltic, those checks were returned, according to Deltic, which sought to have the reorganization converted to Chapter 7.
Post-dated checks are common in business transactions and blank but signed checks are often used as promissory notes or as a form of guarantee in business deals.

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