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In the medium term, Possessor's operations will focus on selling off of state properties, completion of initiated privatization processes, and development of a professional platform for sale of public assets.
A: Yes, the rightful possessor in an unlawful detainer case is entitled to recover damages, which refer to 'rents' or ' the reasonable compensation for the use and occupation of the premises,' or 'fair rental value of the property' and attorney's fees and costs.
In adnominal possession, a possessive construction involves two elements, a possessor and a possessee, which jointly constitute a noun phrase (NP), specifically, a possessive NP (PNP) (Koptjevskaja-Tamm 2001).
For example, the adverse possessor who operates under color of title or puts a fence around the property provides information about how she values the property and indicates that she has gone to some length in signaling that interest to the record owner and other competitors for the property.
As will be outlined below, possessive classifiers specify the kind of relationship between possessor and possessum expressed in so-called indirect possessive constructions.
To summarize, section 09.10.030(a) imposes requirements on plaintiffs who wish to file suit to recover property from an adverse possessor. First, the plaintiff must have had title to a freehold estate in the land (i.e.
The possessor was required to have a possessory intent, that is, a subjective intention to possess (but not necessarily own) the land.
Kevin Sheedy was the proud possessor of the most cultured left foot in Goodison folklore, and the value of a good left peg is a lesson he's been trying to coach into the young striker.
Put in food possessor or hand blend then fine pass soup through sieve and season ?
Can the desire to be the proud possessor of the 'number one' ticket at the meat counter really be that strong?
Our idea of ownership influences how we answer basic questions about what it takes to succeed as an adverse possessor as well as more complicated questions about the morality of adverse possession.
Possession is a universal semantic category that expresses the relation between the possessor and the possessum, phrasing it in different ways depending on the language and on the exact nature of the relation.