Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action

A series of policies a government or organization pursues to help a given demographic group, especially a historical minority, in work and/or education. Affirmative action may be mild; for example, race may be one of a number of factors a university considers when deciding admission. On the other hand, it may impose stringent requirements; for example, a government may oblige companies to abide by gender quotas when hiring.

Affirmative action as a policy is quite controversial. Proponents argue it helps engender equality among groups in society. Critics contend it does (or at least can) reward less qualified persons at the expense of more qualified persons.

The term "affirmative action" is predominantly American. The concept is called positive discrimination in the United Kingdom, employment equity in Canada and reservation in India.
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Positive Action. Positive Action (2008) was chosen as the intervention because it was being piloted by the school district as a possible PK--12 Tier 1 character education program.
"Positive action will benefit our country and society," he added.
Positive Action utilizes student/teacher contact and involves parents.
Upon reading the section on diversity, however, I was alarmed to see that a large number of employers don't have an official diversity policy, or any procedures, in place because they don't understand the difference between positive action and positive discrimination.
"Positive Action," a K-12 program, aims to promote character development, academic achievement, and social-emotional skills and to reduce disruptive and problem behavior.
Saralegui's gay-friendly stance on her talk show is backed by positive action, including an appearance with her gay brother, Ignacio, in a spot for Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays' series of public service announcements featuring celebrities with their gay relatives.
With sound experienced-based advice, Julianna Slattery will help mothers to keep their faithfulness and focus on the modern challenges of motherhood, and offers practical, applicable tools for replacing guilt with positive action. Enhanced with questions for personal reflection and a 12-week study guide, Guilt-Free Motherhood is especially recommended to the attention of single mothers, working mothers, mothers of children with a physical or mental handicap, mothers having to cope with the illness or even death of a child, and mothers with concerns for their adult children.
Users can set zero at any position and retain and return to the true zero reading using the large positive action keypad.
A good one for your skin type is No7 Positive Action Pamper & Peel Face Mask, pounds 16.75, which will also give skin a radiant glow.
Earl Ofari Hutchinson, president of the Los Angeles-based National Alliance for Positive Action, thinks 35 to 45 is the ideal age for leaders to be taken seriously by fund-giving corporations, government agencies, and foundations.
It is time the Government got to grips with the situation and took some positive action to sort it out once and for all.

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