positive carry

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Positive carry

Positive Carry

A situation in which an investor has two opposite positions and in which the cash inflow from one position exceeds the cash outflow of the other. For example, if one borrows money, owes 10% interest, and then promptly lends the same amount of money at 12% interest, then the borrower/lender has a positive carry.

positive carry

The current net income from an investment position when the current income from the investment exceeds its cost of carry. A Treasury bond with a current yield of 14% has a positive carry if its purchase can be financed at 12%. Compare negative carry. See also carrying charges.
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His 2-yard touchdown dive capped a 68-yard scoring march during which he carried four times, and after Kyle Amico recovered a fumble on his own kickoff, Ravenelle had three more positive carries before Tyler Simmons bowled over from the 1.

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